Partnering with Barclay's Churchill Cup

HEIGHT: 5'7"


STATS: 34-25-34

OPPONENT: Kristin Sullivan

I have been a fighter my entire my life. My brother and I were raised by our father. Not having a mother had a huge impact on us and we fought a lot growing up. When I became a teenager I was a little rock-and-roll rebel, and being tough enabled me to build resistance over emotions that I didn't want to feel at that time. When I was 17, I left home figuring that it would take some weight off my father's shoulders. That year, probably the toughest year of my life, was when I got my dragon tattoo on my arm -- an age-old symbol of wisdom, strength, and the divine power of transformation. When I turned 18, I started college and paid for it by working long hours in a pizza parlor. Right now I'm studying real estate and acting. My hobbies are ice hockey, rollerblading, reading, and sex! I've been training for the Knockouts 3 times a week, I also run and do yoga. I want to win because I have trained to win!
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